TGH North strives to provide the best medical care possible to our patients. A vital part of that care begins in the patient registration department.

Once your physician determines that you need hospitalization, he/she will arrange for your admission to one of our TGH North Hospitals: TGH Brooksville, TGH Spring Hill, or TGH Crystal River.

When you arrive at TGH Brooksville or TGH Spring Hill, please go directly to outpatient registration (located on the first floor) and follow signs from the emergency department entrance to get to admissions. At TGH Crystal River, please go through the main entrance to admissions. Bring any paperwork that the physician may have given to you.

An admissions representative will ask questions regarding your insurance and medical history. You will be required to present an insurance identification card and one form of picture identification such as a driver's license. It is very important that accurate patient information be obtained at registration. This provides a strong foundation for the rest of your medical stay. The registration process will be conducted in a courteous, timely and professional manner. This is our opportunity to obtain your basic address, employment and insurance information.

What to Bring

To prepare for the registration process, please bring the following items with you:

  • Your health insurance card
  • Personal identification (such as driver's license or picture ID)
  • List of current medications
  • List of current physicians and their phone numbers
  • A copy of your advance directives (if you have created one)
  • Any medical records, x-ray films or tests (if your doctor has requested them)

We also take the time to advise patients of their rights, responsibilities and privacy expectations. We address the patient’s choices in disclosure of their health care information and advance directives can be provided upon request. All patients are given a patient information guide containing all of this important information regarding your hospital stay and services that we provide. Information can be reviewed by visiting our digital Patient Guide or at the time of your admission.

Upon admission, an identification band or bands that you will need to wear during your hospitalization will be placed on your arm by one of our team members. This band enables the staff to coordinate the services you receive. If you have allergies to any substance, such as food, medicine or latex, a red band will be placed on your wrist. Other bands, signifying other conditions, may also be utilized. Please wear these bands at all times and do not remove them until after you are discharged.

Admission for Surgery

To register for surgery at TGH Brooksville and TGH Spring Hill, please follow signs for outpatient registration from the emergency department entrance. At TGH Crystal River, go through the main entrance to admissions.

Because each patient and each operation is different, your physician has a specific program outlined for you. You will receive special instructions about food, medication, anesthesia and other aspects of your surgery. Before surgery, you will have the opportunity to meet with your anesthesiologist who will be an integral part of your care team. After your operation, you will be taken to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), a special nursing unit for post-operative recovery. From the PACU, you may be taken to the critical care unit (if you require closer, more intensive monitoring), to your hospital room or discharged directly from the same-day surgical area.

Patients Admitted for Observation

Your physician may decide to admit you in order to observe the effects of short-term treatments or to administer tests and examinations. You will be assigned to a patient room or to a specific area of the hospital. A typical stay for observation is less than 24 hours, though it may be extended if needed. Patients admitted for observation have the same rights as those admitted for an inpatient stay, but financial obligations for observation stays may vary according to insurance coverage and some medications, treatments and services provided may not be covered.

Personal Items & Valuables

If you have valuables, such as jewelry and cash, please give them to a relative/friend to care for during your stay. Contact lenses, eyeglasses, hearing aids and dentures should be stored in your bedside stand when not in use. Please don’t put them on your bed or food tray—they may be damaged or lost. Your nurse can provide a special safety container. If you cannot send valuables home, you may store them in the hospital safe. You will receive an itemized receipt and a claim ticket for your items. For more information, speak with your nurse. TGH North cannot be responsible for replacement of personal belongings.

Electrical Devices

Electrical appliances including hair dryers, curling irons, razors, radios, heating pads, portable heaters, VCRs, computers and other devices are not permitted in patient rooms. If you must use an electrical device, please ask your nurse to contact Plant Operations for a safety inspection of the item.

Patient Guide

Please view our Patient Guide for valuable information about your stay, taking charge of your care while in the hospital, important resources, and much more.

Important Numbers for TGH Brooksville:

Business Office Customer Service: (813) 822-3952
Assistant Business Office Director (352) 544-6177
Supervisor (352) 544-6069
Admitting Fax (352) 544-6084

Important Numbers for TGH Spring Hill:

Business Office Customer Service: (813) 822-3952
Supervisor: (352) 688-3037
Admitting Fax: (352) 688-3094

Important Numbers for TGH Crystal River:

Business Office Customer Service: (813) 822-3952
Admitting Director: (352) 795-8480
Admitting Fax: (352) 795-8467